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The 9th Mass Regiment is a group of people who have a common interest in the 18th Century and the American Revolution, and a genuine enjoyment in bringing it to life. The 9th Mass Regiment is a member unit of the Continental Line. The Line is a national organization of 18th century military units, which helps to set standards and coordinate major battle re-enactments.

Membership in the 9th Mass Regiment is open to men and women from all walks of life, as individuals or entire families. Minimum age for members is 16 years unless a parent or guardian is also a member.

Those who wish to take part in a true "Living History" role, join as soldiers, musicians, camp followers, or civilians. We have a militia unit portrayal known as the Braintree Third Volunteer Militia. This organization takes part in local events such as parades and ceremonies. The uniforms of each unit are different as well.

Members pursue not only military aspects, but also trades of the late 18th Century. The military aspects include camping, uniforming, military drill, medical, and the use of firearms. Your particular interest may take us into fields we have not yet explored.

Our uniforms and equipment requirements are similar to most other units. We strive for authenticity. New members are allowed a time period to assemble a full 'kit' ofrequired uniform and equipment. Attendance is mandatory at drills to learn the marching steps and manual of arms. This is for safety as well as authenticity.

We meet at the approximately every month, depending on the season at locations locally.

If you have an interest in the 18th Century history, or would like to learn more, you submit a 9th Massachusetts Interest Form.

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