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The IX Massachusetts Regiment of Foot, Continental Line was created on November 1, 1776. The unit served until January I, 1783 when, in compliance with the general order of December 24, 1782, tl1e unit was disbanded.

The regiment had two commanders, Colonel James Wesson who served from November I, 1776 to January 1,1781 and Colonel Henry Jackson who commanded from January 1,1781 to January 1,1783. The regiment was a part of Learned's Brigade which consisted of the 2nd Mass, 8th Mass, the 9th and, some say, the 1st Canadian regiment. When in battle formation the regiment was always positioned in the second line of the left wing, between the 3rd Mass and the 6th Mass. Overall command was under Major General Sterling.

The regiment served, as did all Massachusetts units, in what was known as the Northern Department during the war. It participated at Fort Stanwix, Saratoga and Valley Forge. At Valley Forge (1777 -1778) under the command of Col. Wesson and assisted by Lt. Col. James Mellen, it was incorporated by Lt. Col. James Mellen, into Major General Dekalb's division.

It is known that the issued regimental coat should have had red facings but, due to the shortage of dyed material, buff facings were most likely substituted. Recent information suggests blue coats with white buff facings, green or plaid waistcoats, buff trousers and buckled shoes. Research of the regiment is ongoing.

IX Massachusetts Regiment Today

Our group formed in 1975 in Braintree, MA. under its original name the Braintree 3rd Volunteer Militia. During the "great event" celebration of July 4, 1976 a call went out to recreate the major events of the revolution. We aban­doned our rabble militia garb and acquired the correct clothing and equipage of the American Continental Army. Thus began the Ninth Massachusetts Regiment of Foot.

We have traveled to the major American Revolution battle re-enactment sites including Camden and Ninety­Six, SC, Brandywine P A, Castine ME, Bennington and Hubbarton VT, Yorktown VA, as well as many events, parades and encampments in Massachusetts. We have a close relationship to West Point NY (USMA) due to association with Braintree Historical Society, the Sylvanus Thayer Birthplace (Father of WestPoint), and the death of Deminic Trant, first burial at West Point.

Our members today

In addition to soldiers, we have added many distaff, or "Mollies", to our regiment. Our women portray the parts played by the women of the day . One should remember that there were very few women who took up arms. They either dressed spoke and acted as men or were laundresses, wives who came along, or campfollowers. It should be noted that if a woman lost her husband in the battle she had two alternatives, marry again or become a laundress!

New members can also start as colors bearers, or musicians, carrying fife or drum.

We will help clothe you, if you join with prelimi­nary wear such as an 18th century civilian might have worn before he could become uniformed. Continued assistance in obtaining proper clothing and equipment is provided.

Drilling the troops in the manual of arms is thorough to assure historical accuracy and safety in the use of a musket. Proper legal license to carry a firearm is required for musket carriers.


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